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Uploading and Managing Media Files: Post Recording




ü  Convert Liberty Meeting Recorder Media

ü  Upload Converted Media

ü  Upload Bookmarks

ü  Upload Completed Minutes


Converting Liberty Meeting Recorder Media




Once the recording is complete, the media files need to be exported to HTML using the Liberty Meeting Recorder directly from Microsoft Word.


1.      Open the Word Document with the associated Liberty Meeting Recording file (*.dcr)


2.      Select “Export to HTML”


Liberty Meeting Recorder will export several files to the location specified. SuiteView needs the .WMV file. 












Uploading your Liberty converted media for on-demand viewing.



To upload your audio or video media file, open you web browser and browse to your SuiteView Admin Portal:



1.      Login to SuiteView Admin Portal


2.      Locate the Event and select View/Edit


3.      Under the Event Media section, click Upload Media


4.      Click the Select button, browse to your media file (*.WMV), and press Open


5.      Once the file has uploaded, click Save









**Please note, the system will take time to process the uploaded file before it is available to the public. **




















Uploading your bookmarks



1.      While still in the Event, scroll down and select the Bookmarks tab


2.      Click the Upload Bookmarks button


3.      Click the Select button, locate your bookmarks file (*_content.HTML) and click Open


4.      Click Save


5.      Click SAVE on the Event



**Please note, once the system has finished processing the media file, the bookmark duration times will automatically be filled in. **































Uploading Completed Minutes from the Admin Portal


To upload your completed meeting minutes from the Admin Portal


1.       Open the Event Details


2.      Select “Agenda & Minutes” Tab


3.      Click the Edit/Upload button next to Minutes


4.      Set “Published” - Select one of the following options


a.      No – Only visible to staff members


b.      Yes - Immediately – Publishes the agenda or minutes to the citizen portal immediately


c.      Yes – As of Date –Automatically publishes the agenda or minutes to the citizen portal on a specific date


5.      If “Yes-As of Date” was selected  - Enter a publish date


6.      Click “Select” to browse and locate the document


7.      Select “Save”